4 Reasons You Should Visit Your Local Farmers’ Market


Welcome to Day #15 of PureFormulas’ Sugar Crush Challenge: 30 days of tips, recipes, and tools to help you cut down on sugar and crush those cravings!

As part of our Sugar Crush strategy, having healthy foods at home and on-the-go will be one of your most important tools. Other than doing groceries in the supermarket, going to a farmers’ market will help you not only discover fruits and veggies that you might not even have given a second glance to, but it’s also the best way to experience the teasing of your senses.

Walking booth by booth, different colors and smells summoning you and it turns into nature’s playful dance with your senses. The wonderful scents coming from the sweet fruits that are in season and the spice booths demanding for your attention with their vivid colors and curious aromas. What’s not to love about a trip to your local farmers’ market?

Here are a few reasons why you should pencil in frequent visits to your local farmers’ market:

1. Locally grown crops are picked at their peak of ripeness and in season, making them full of flavor!

2. The time between harvest and your table is shorter, making them more nutritious than the fruits and veggies that have traveled longer distances.

3. Because of the fact that the fruits and veggies locally grown don’t require long transportation time, they usually have less environmental impact and a smaller carbon footprint.

4. By supporting your local farmers market, you are helping maintain farmland, green space, and local families in your community.

So why not get fresh and good quality fruits and veggies while still being green and supportive of the community by visiting your local farmers market!


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