Work Smarter, Not Harder

These days, the desire for instant gratification is more rampant than ever. We’re all looking for easy fixes to address the complex problems that we’re faced with day in and out. Consequently, there are countless tips and and “life hacks” to help us work faster and easier while getting the most fulfillment and ...Read More

Lacking Energy? It May Be Adrenal Fatigue

Adrenal health is a topic that may be very familiar to many for a few reasons. First of all, it’s front and center when it comes time to talk about stress, and, as we already know, many of us are suffering from chronic anxiety and lead highly stressful lives. Also, those who suffer from ...Read More

Does More Muscle Mean You Need More Protein?

Like other aspects of health and fitness, nutrition is an ever-changing field, filled with lots of opinions, myths and misinformation. It’s pretty exciting. But, it can also be extremely challenging to know how you should be handling various situations in order to reach your goals. One of the most discussed parts of nutrition, for ...Read More

Weekly Wellness News

1. BPA and other endocrine-disrupting chemicals exposure can interfere with your vitamin D levels BPA-free bottles and cans have been around for a while. BPA is bisphenol A, which has been on the no-no list because it is one of the chemicals considered to be an endocrine disrupter. This basically means that ...Read More

Benefits of Proline

Proline is a nonessential amino acid that can be found in high protein foods as well as vegetables such as bamboo shoots and cabbage. Proline has been used to improve skin health by strengthening the structure of the skin as well as improving its texture. The method of action behind this amino ...Read More

Let’s Talk About Sex (Hormones)!

One cannot talk about sex hormones without first understanding a little more about them. It all starts with cholesterol, which may have gotten a bad reputation when it comes to heart health, but in reality, it’s actually a fundamental nutrient for our development and production of hormones. Cholesterol is the base for ...Read More

Tips for Keeping Your Kids Healthy & Fit

It is no secret that America has gained a reputation for being home to one of the highest populations of obese and overweight individuals in the world. Sadly, it’s not just adults who are grappling with weight management issues, but the problem also extends to our nation’s youth. In fact, in the ...Read More

Weekly Wellness News

1. A new way to get teens to willingly choose their veggies over pizza There’s no perfect formula when it comes to helping teens and kids make the right food choices. Parents and educators are up against genius marketing strategies, which can be rather challenging at times. But there may be a ...Read More

Benefits of Fiber

We know that fiber is a very important part of a healthy diet. On average, we should be consuming 25-38 grams of fiber every day. Unfortunately, many of us are falling short and only consuming about half of that. Here is why it’s important: Dietary fiber is found in plant foods such ...Read More

Benefits of Vitamin D

Vitamin D, known as the “Sunshine Vitamin,” is an essential nutrient that can be provided from ultraviolet rays from the sun, foods (like fortified cereals and mushrooms), and supplements. Vitamin D plays a role in a plethora of processes in the body, and receptors for this nutrient can be found on many ...Read More