The Best Advice from Teachers on Living Well

Outside of our immediate circle of family and friends, there’s one vital group of people who continually influence, sculpt, and shape our perspective through the years: teachers. I’m sure we’ve all encountered incredible mentors who’ve inspired, motivated, and helped turn us into who we are today. The one great thing about these ...Read More

PB & Chocolate Oatmeal Cookies

Peanut butter, oatmeal, and chocolate together? Yes please! These cookies mean business. Lately my daughter has been asking for cookies every single day. I only budge during the weekends but even then it bothers me to buy her cookies that are filled with high fructose corn syrup and other ingredients I can’t ...Read More

Vegan Tzatzaki Sauce

One of my favorite meals is a falafel wrap. The combination of aromatic spices, the crunch of the veggies, and the warmed pita bread all draw me in, but I really missed the creamy, cool addition that Tzatziki would bring. That is until I found this amazing replacement for a Greek staple. This ...Read More

A Purista’s Guide to Self-Care

Many think of self-care as just an eating the right foods, working out, and having an occasional spa day. But in reality, this is only one way to show your body a little care. Loving your body is not only about the physical aspect but also emotional, mental, and even spiritual. When ...Read More

Gluten-Free Coconut Carrot Cake Pancakes

Pancakes sometimes get a bad rap, but not these golden beauties. Starting with a wholesome almond meal pancake mix, the batter gets embellished with grated carrot, shredded coconut, and cinnamon. The result is a very flavorful flapjack that will nourish and fill you up in a way that traditional white flour pancakes ...Read More

Benefits of Eyebright

Euphrasia officinalis, also known as eyebright, has been used for years as a rinse, compress, or even bath to help protect the eye from infections and other irritations like conjunctivitis. This herb is also known for its ability to support the respiratory tract, helping with nasal congestion, sinusitis, and other symptoms associated ...Read More

New Food Diaries: Tahini

I’ll be upfront here: the “new food” part of the title is a bit of a misnomer this month because I’ve definitely consumed the food of the moment, tahini, many times before. However, I had never actually purchased it and cooked with it myself! For some unknown reason, I was a little ...Read More

Fecal Microbiota Transplant A.K.A. Poop Transplant!

There’s no way to start talking about poop transplants without having a slight moment to giggle at the idea. So let’s all take a few seconds to get the giggles out before diving deeper into this truly fascinating topic! Ready? Background: It’s important to first understand a little more about our gut. We ...Read More

Benefits of Feverfew

Feverfew, also known as the Midsummer daisy, is a perennial herb that was used by Ancient Greek physicians to reduce inflammation and regulate menstrual health. This plant received its name because it was once used to treat fevers, although it was later discovered Feverfew was not effective for this purpose. Today, there ...Read More

A Proper Picnic Day

When I was a little girl, all of the kids in my neighborhood would have a picnic day, where we would bring all of the goodies we had in the pantry and fridge, along with a huge blanket, and share our snacks. Most of the parents loved our picnic days because it ...Read More