Vegan Eggnog Recipe

This year I’ve decided to give all traditional holiday recipes a healthy twist. I love doing this because this way everyone in my family can still enjoy these delicious seasonal treats without having to sacrifice their health needs. Eggnog is usually one of those drinks people tend to either hate or love. ...Read More

Breathing Through Holiday Stress

The sky is blue. The trees are green. And the holiday season is stressful. You can try to fight it. You can make all the arrangements to limit family tension, avoid baking mishaps, and practice your best grateful-for-the-ugly-sweater smile. But sometimes, holiday stress is unavoidable. So what’s a holiday host to do? ...Read More

Strawberry Holiday Hats

Nothing like a healthy snack with a holiday twist. These strawberries make a great after-dinner treat. In less than 5 minutes you will end up with a guilt-free dessert the whole family can enjoy. For this easy recipe you will only need 3 things: strawberries, Greek yogurt, and unsweetened coconut flakes. You ...Read More

DIY Cashew Milk

Out of all the nuts out there, cashews are definitely in my top two. Years ago I was introduced to (what now has been my favorite) almond milk. I went a long time thinking I only had the options of either soy, almond, rice, or hemp milk. Since cashew milk is not too ...Read More

Soup Basics 101

There’s nothing worse than a nearly empty refrigerator and a grumbling stomach. Instead of reaching for the pizza delivery number, double back to that barren icebox. Have just one onion? A few stray carrots? You’ll likely have all the ingredients to whip up your own homemade soup using just the scraps from ...Read More

Chocolate Dipped Raspberry Macaroons (Gluten-Free)

Imagine the perfect dessert: flavorful, easy to make, and just amazing all around…these chocolate dipped raspberry macaroons are just that! I find that the healthier macaroons are sometimes a little dry or not flavorful enough to be added to the “yummy desserts” list. But one bite into this treat will surely change ...Read More

Benefits of MCT Oil

  Not everyone is familiar with MCT oil. You can basically say it’s usually a highly concentrated form of coconut oil (though there can be other sources). It literally stands for medium chain triglycerides. The way it’s typically made is by using coconut oil and palm kernel oil. The reason it may ...Read More

DIY Soothing Facial Moisturizer

As the air gets colder, our skin gets a little drier – at least for most of us. Since I have extremely sensitive skin, I try to choose products that are as natural as possible. Sometimes I literally put certain oils on my skin and just leave them overnight. But during the ...Read More

Holiday Recipe Swaps

  It can be difficult staying healthy during the holidays. As we all know by now, staying healthy isn’t all about your waistline but about your actual overall health. More and more people are educating themselves and becoming more aware of what they’re putting into their bodies. And yes, even during festive ...Read More

Top 10 Supplement and Superfood Highlights of the Year

2014 was yet another big year in the health and nutrition world. Polemic topics such as gluten, sugar, and GMOs all continued gaining great popularity, and here are some of this year’s nutrition news highlights: The FDA proposed changes to the Nutrition Facts label to help consumers make healthier choices by highlighting these ...Read More