Don’t Just Look Sharp. Be Sharp!

At PureFormulas’ HQ, we’re always on the go—constantly researching, testing, and sharing the hottest products in the world of health and wellness with our customers. So it is no wonder that from time to time, us Puristas find ourselves using supplements to keep our bodies and minds in balance. With a new ...Read More

The Purista Wellness Challenge

As we embark on our annual, company-wide initiative to bring more wellness into our daily lives, we wanted to share some of our goals–and tips–with you. When we first ran it last year, we created a three-month-long challenge with the mindset of tackling a little bit of everything when it comes to ...Read More

4 Steps to Make the New Year Your Best Year

As we wrap up another year, this can be an incredibly exciting–yet somewhat stressful–time. It’s that moment to reflect on the year that’s winding down and set the tone for the new one ahead. And what better way to do this than by using a planner to make your intentions clear?  It’s ...Read More

Psst…Our Cyber Week Savings Start Today!

Show me the…deals! And save money while you’re at it. It’s that time of year again–Cyber Week Sales are upon us–and winning deals are everywhere you look. We start the week with a special Deal of the Day offer that’s bound to turn any Monday frown around: 30% OFF all Garden of ...Read More

Three Habits That Slow Down Your Metabolism

Whether your interest in fitness revolves around weight loss or athletic performance, you’ve likely given a considerable amount of thought to the function of your metabolism. After all, this complex system controls exactly how your body uses the energy derived from your food – which includes the amount of fat and muscle ...Read More

When Is (Dietary) Cheating Acceptable?

Satisfying your cravings after committing to your health, a.k.a. cheating, may actually help you lose weight, lessen stress and anxiety, and help get you over that plateau hump! What we’re talking about isn’t sneaking in an occasional chocolate bar, slice of pie, or 10-stack with all the fixings. Instead, the idea is ...Read More

Fun With Metabolic Finishers to Burn Fat

Over the past several years, the health and fitness world has become increasingly interested in high-intensity workouts. And these come in all sorts off different styles. Sometimes, the entire workout routine is performed at this higher, more demanding level. Occasionally, high-intensity portions are sprinkled in as a way to mix things up. ...Read More

What You Should Know About HOKA Shoes

Despite the huge array of wearable tech and other fitness accessories available to runners these days, shoes continue to be the major focus. Which makes sense. After all, shoes are a runner’s primary tool and best friend. But runners–and other athletes–have tons of decisions to make when selecting the best footwear for ...Read More

Why Your Resting Metabolic Rate Matters

As much as I might try to fight it, fitness has a pretty big mathematical component. Athletes will often use formulas to predict their progress and calculate what weight they should be working with or how many miles they should be clocking on a given week. More frequently, though, health-minded individuals will ...Read More

What Is The Best Time Of Day To Work Out?

When people think of hardcore athletes, the standard mental image is that of a lone figure rising before sunrise to crank out their workout. There’s just something about the early morning exercise session that feels right. And, for whatever reason, many people hold on to the idea that this is the best ...Read More