Three Habits That Slow Down Your Metabolism

Whether your interest in fitness revolves around weight loss or athletic performance, you’ve likely given a considerable amount of thought to the function of your metabolism. After all, this complex system controls exactly how your body uses the energy derived from your food – which includes the amount of fat and muscle ...Read More

PureFormulas Wellness Challenge

I can still remember one of my favorite moments since joining the PureFormulas team–or the Puristas, as we call our community of employees. It was a Saturday biking event that took place just a couple of months after I was hired. We all met outside our regular work hours and biked, as ...Read More

SweatCoin: The Latest App That Pays You to Get Fit

As the novelty of New Year’s resolutions winds down and the year stampedes along, many of us find ourselves in the same situation that 80% of Americans struggle with, asking ourselves: “Which resolutions to keep or not to keep?” So how do we make it out of the rut and continue pushing ...Read More

The Three Most Important Fitness Findings of 2017

People are often surprised at the highly dynamic nature of the health and fitness world. Thanks to advancing technology and an ever-growing understanding of human physiology, the fitness community is always learning and changing. Which can be a little frustrating. Keeping up with all of these findings – and applying them to ...Read More

Are Gums Safe Food Additives?

Manufacturers throw a surprising – and sometimes frightening – amount of artificial substances into foods these days. These additives can fulfill any number of functions, influencing the flavor, texture, appearance and shelf life of your food. One of the most common types of additives is the class known as “gums.” These substances ...Read More

When Dieting Fails (And It Will), Here’s What You Can Do

There are many reasons why many popular diets fail to deliver long term results. While some people may swear by their dietary regimens, if your individual goals don’t align with the program you choose, it’s highly unlikely that you’ll end up attaining that “beach body.” This is not your fault, and you’re ...Read More

Can Cholesterol Be A Good Thing?

The world of fitness and nutrition is often simplified into clear divisions of black and white. Good is good, bad is bad. There are definite heroes and absolute villains. And, while this makes certain things fairly easy to understand, the underlying idea is entirely false. Most of the time, things really aren’t ...Read More

Why You Should Retire The Snooze Button

Hands up if you’ve ever heard the term “drockling”? Chances are you haven’t, even though you’ve probably drockled a fair amount in the past year. Put simply, drockling is the slipping in and out of consciousness after sleep. If you’ve ever woken up, only to decide to get another five minutes of ...Read More

It’s Time To Stop Blaming Lactic Acid

For many people, lactic acid is seen as a villain – a troublesome substance that actively works against their fitness goals. You’ve likely been told for most of your life in the health and fitness world that the acid is the thing slowing you down, making you weak, and leaving you sore. ...Read More

The Power of Mind-Body Practices

Do you know that moment when you just wake up? That second when you first open your eyes and your mind is calm, your body is relaxed, and you are at complete peace? For me, it would usually last a short second. Right after, I’d realize all the things that I had ...Read More