A Love Letter to Sweat

Dear Sweat, In honor of Valentine’s Day, I wanted to take the time to share some of my feelings with you. We’ve spent a lot of time together this year, so I felt it was important for me to take some time and reflect on the great ways you impact my life. ...Read More

How to Warm-up Right

Warm-ups can be a little tricky, for several reasons. First and foremost: Most people just don’t do them. So, actually warming up is the first hurdle we need to overcome. But, even when people do take the extra time to run through a warm-up, they aren’t necessarily doing it… correctly. And, while ...Read More

Healthy Jambalaya

No trip to New Orleans is complete without a taste of smoky and spicy jambalaya. It’s a dish so popular that a song was penned about it in the 1950s. And because it is time for Mardi Gras (Carnival), there will be jambalaya aplenty this week, in the streets of New Orleans ...Read More

Benefits of Rose Hips

Although I love flowers in general, roses are one of my favorite. One of the meanings behind my name is “rose”. If all that wasn’t enough to get you thinking about roses, today’s herb spotlight is rose hip. And if you are wondering if rose hips come from roses, you are absolutely ...Read More

Vegan Pasta Alfredo

When I first went vegetarian, I could always count on the fettuccini Alfredo at any Italian restaurant as my go-to meal. However, after going vegan I could no longer rely on this Italian, vegetarian staple. It wasn’t until recently when I discovered the versatility of cashews that I attempted to make my own ...Read More

Three Course Valentine’s Day Meal with Recipes

Going out to eat on Valentine’s Day can be incredibly overwhelming. The over-crowded, over-priced restaurants can put a damper on your mood and ruin the night. That’s why, for years my partner and I have skipped the fancy dinner date and spent the night cooking together at home instead. Not only is ...Read More

In Defense Of Steady-State Cardio

Over the past several years, a fairly significant division has formed in the fitness world over what seems like a pretty benign topic: Cardio. It looks pretty straightforward, right? I mean, you jump on the treadmill and you run at a constant pace for a prolonged period. There’s your cardio – a ...Read More

Fall in Love With These Valentine’s Gift Ideas

Many view Valentine’s Day as the ultimate commercial holiday manufactured by greeting card companies. And while gifts, cards, and flowers certainly make up the bulk of the celebration, the history of the holiday can be traced back to the ancient Roman festival celebrating fertility. From inexpensive to downright luxurious, there are many ...Read More

Gluten-Free Carrot Cake

Even as a culinary school graduate, I find making a layer cake daunting. You may feel like a lot can go wrong, but it’s all about your attitude. Invite friends over, or bake with your kids and you will see that the best part of baking is sharing it with others. And ...Read More

Strengthen Your Shoulders to Prevent Injury

Your shoulders are pretty complicated joints. But they’re also extremely impressive. Think of how often you use your shoulders and the incredible range of movements that they’re capable of. In order to achieve this highly adaptable and useful range of motion, your shoulders utilize a  group of muscles called the rotator cuff. ...Read More