Italian Zucchini Boats

Before you say no to this recipe, just hear me out! You don’t always have to hide your veggies in soups, casseroles, or smoothies to get your family to eat them. This was done to me as a child. And as incognito as my parents thought themselves to be, I could still ...Read More

Your Game Plan For Healthy Party Dips

The weather is getting cooler. The days are getting shorter. And afternoon thunderstorms are fewer and further between. Fall is finally here. And with Fall, comes football. I’m what you call a bandwagon sports fan. My investment in a particular team doesn’t start to show it’s true jersey colors until they’ve landed ...Read More

Quinoa: Mighty Grain or Super Seed?

Mighty grain or super seed? Although quinoa is usually seen as a grain, it’s actually a pseudocereal, which acts like a grain but in reality it’s a seed. Some of quinoa’s health benefits can be attributed to the fact that it is a complete protein, meaning that it contains the main amino acids ...Read More

Skin Nutrition: Foods That Harm Your Skin

We’ve gone over all the delicious ways to enrich your skin and keep it healthier, longer. But what about those everyday foods and habits that can damage your skin? Well, let’s illuminate the hidden culprits that can be harming your smooth outer layer. Fair warning, there’s plenty of guilty-pleasure doozies on the ...Read More

Easy Ways to Cook with Less Oil

Honestly, it can be difficult. Who doesn’t have the occasional weakness for French fries? Or fried pickles? Or, really, anything fried? Even a vegetable loving, yoga practicing, long walking gal like myself sometimes succumbs to the carnal crunch of fried foods. On the other hand…I do love a good health cooking challenge. ...Read More

Skin Nutrition: Eating Your Way To Healthy Skin

There’s a certain satisfying feeling of rubbing soothing lotion onto dry or rough skin. But is lotion really the best method of skin rejuvenation? Skin care is a huge market—after all, there’s nothing quite like the relaxing feeling of being soft and supple. And of course, returning a healthy glow to your ...Read More

The Surprising Benefits of Turmeric

You’ve probably heard about turmeric by now. It is after all one of the most researched nutrients today. What makes turmeric so interesting? Although the use of turmeric has been known for years in traditional medicine for managing several conditions such as gastrointestinal symptoms, arthritic pain, and even help with lack of ...Read More

PureEats: Pizza Quinoa Bites

We are excited to share with you the first recipe in our PureEats series! Here you will find tasty and healthy recipes to try at home. Don’t have too much experience in the kitchen? No worries! We’ve got you covered! We’ll be giving you simple, step-by-step directions for these recipes. You’ll  surely ...Read More

The New Carrots: Should Vegetables Taste Like Junk Food?

I remember being a kid and having people ask what my favorite fruit was. I also remember being curious as to what others people’s favorite fruits were too! Can you imagine the excitement of finding out that my crush from school also liked strawberries?! But do you see that kind of conversation going ...Read More

Come To The Green Side To Cut Your Cravings

You’ll find it in green smoothies, dips, salads, and even in the hands of a classic cartoon character. That’s right! I’m talking about spinach, the dark leafy green that’s packed with nutrients. If there is one vegetable that greatly contributes to overall wellness, it’s spinach. One of the healthiest and nutrient-dense vegetables, ...Read More